My first experience of a coffee-house session.

A music review

Crawling out of bed at 7:30am, downing a litre of coffee and making it to my first lecture with seconds to spare: just my average Monday morning. In fact it carried on being just an average Monday morning until I got an invitation to review a coffee-house performance at the student guild, Natalie Gauci’s performance to be exact.

I’ll be honest, I had¬†never heard the name ‘Natalie Gauci’ before today, so I’m guessing you can imagine the panic I felt after impulsively agreeing to tag along. But after a bit of research with the always helpful Google, I realised that she actually won Australian Idol in 2007… Maybe I do live under a rock after all.

So there I am, sitting in the student guild, listening to one of the winners of Australian Idol, thinking to myself: “She’s pretty good.” Okay, so maybe that was a complete understatement; she was brilliant. Her vocals were beautiful and they really instilled emotion and passion into her music; although, she was also playing the keyboard – which sounded equally as beautiful by the way – which always makes me like an artist. (The keyboard is definitely an under appreciated instrument.) Her performance included uplifting songs such as a cover of ‘Ain’t Nobody’ as well as more emotional songs that I could listen to for hours, such as ‘For the Brave’.

I don’t want to spam you guys with links to her youtube videos, so i’ll just give you one.

(She’s also on Spotify, just saying.)

If you could put one thing into an inescapable box, what would it be?

The introductory post
Hello to all my future readers!

I feel like it would be polite for me to introduce what this page is all about, but I keep hitting a bit of a problem each time I try to do that. See, this page is about the big ‘L’ word, but not the big ‘L’ that is followed by a little ‘o’, ‘v’ and ‘e’: I’m talking about LIFE. I want this page to be an expression of myself, about who I am, about how I feel, about every experience I have that I feel is worth writing about.

But that isn’t all that I want this page to be.

I want BalboShrooms (perhaps an odd name, yes) to be the page that is searched for whenever you guys want inspiration, or advice, or even just something interesting to read. So on that note, I’m going to ask a question:¬†“If you could put one thing into an inescapable box, what would it be?” If you could choose anything, anything in the world; it could be an emotion, a fear, an object, a person, although somehow I don’t think it would be morally acceptable to shove someone in a titanium box and throw away the key, even if they are a bitch.

I’m not expecting any comments, I just want to get you guys thinking. So here are a few answers from people who have already been asked this question, hopefully they might spark your imagination!

Hangovers, even the thought of them makes me feel sick!

I definitely agree with this one, being a student and all.

GoCompare adverts…

Again, completely agree. Swear they have reached the point now where they make fun of their own mascot/singer/annoying moustache guy…

Pots of ketchup at restaurants, I don’t want to be designated a certain amount of ketchup: I’d rather have the whole bottle thank you.

Personally I would put curly straws in the box, they may look cool but they’re a pain to clean.

SO get thinking about what YOU would put in the box, as I said, it can be absolutely ANYTHING!